Franklin Outing Club

2014 Drainage (November)

This November Bill Hurd will be working on drainage. The pipes and culverts were dropped off.

2014 November

Mike Mullavey and Kathy Fuller met with Bob from Home Depot in hopes that we will be installing a handicapped ramp to add to our deck.

2014 Insdie lodge painting (October / November)

Many thanks to all those volunteers who have donated their time to help repaint the inside of the whole lodge. Ed Briggs (thanks for the music also), Anita Fleming, Griffin Fleming, Shelby Joyce, Rob Briggs, Marcia Laflamme Abbott, Debbie Rowell, Patricia Collins, Sue Michel Marceau...

2014 Kitchen Renovations (October / November)

The fall of 2014 started with the reconstruction of the new kitchen. Thanks to Steve Donahue, Mark Pickard, Steve Nelson, Dennis Day and many more who are helping to make this new kitchen possible. A great big Outing Club Thank you to Frank and April Bryson who donated new tiles for the kitchen floor!

2014 New porch ceiling (9-4 / 9-17)

Over the summer of 2014 the ceiling was torn down and replaced with a beautiful new ceiling. Thank to the help of the Stove barn for letting us utilize their garage to stain the new boards. Thank you to Steve Donahue along with Taia, Mike and Nicholas Mullavey, and John and Ellie Beaudet. A great big thank you to Mike Pevine Electrical for the work on the new led lights on the front porch! The new ceiling, lights and windows look amazing

2014 Summer New Tables

In the Summer of 2014 the Franklin Boys and Girls Club came up to the ski area on every Thursday over the summer. With the reconstruction of McDonalds in Franklin we were given the opportunity to utilize some of the outside tables. With the supervision of Tom Charbono the kids from the Franklin Boys and Girls Club refinished and painted the tables for us to be used on the deck. They also put in place 2 flowers beds at the end of the deck. Thank you Franklin Boys and Girls Club!

2014 New Lodge Windows (March)

All new windows were put in on the porch area. 3 new windows were put in in the main lodge area and 2 new slider windows were put in in the basement. A Huge Thank you to Franklin Savings Bank for the Grant for the new windows. ($3000.00)

The Next 50 Years Committee along with a bundle of volunteers have been working around the clock to get ready for the up and coming ski season. Some of the improvements include a new ceiling with new lights on the front porch, color change on the inside. The kitchen reconstruction is well under way. Kathy Fuller has been updating pictures on Facebook.